Authorised Distributor TATA STEEL Limited for the Cold Rolled Steel Products, Hot Rolled, Galvanised, Tata Tiscon and Tata Wiron Products
Service Centre
Seeing the growing business & Competition, we started the Service Centre M/s Poonya Steel Processors Pvt. Ltd. at Taloja in the year 1990. Moving with Globalization, we have transformed ourselves from a 10000 sq. ft shed to 40000 sq. ft DUST FREE shed accompanied all necessary Machineries & accessories. We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified with an Mini ERP Friendly user Package for smooth operations.
Crane 10 M.T
Flatness Table
Machine 1
Pallet Photo
Slit Coils
Weighing Machine
2 Hi Stacking
Finished Goods
Flatness Table
Deflector Roll – cutting machine
Full coil
Crane 30 mt capacity
Full Packed coils
Full coils
Full coils
PSPPL Safety Products
PSPPL Genset
PSPPL Layout
Poonya Steel Processors Pvt ltd. (PSPPL) Visitor’s Guide
Slitting / Shearing Machines
Finished Goods
Service Provided by Naresh Steel
  • Flat & Long Products
  • Warehousing
  • Cut-to-length Processing
  • Decoiling
  • Shearing & Slitting
  • HDPE & Metal Packing
  • Express Deliveries
Cut-to-length Automatic Pneumatic Machine
Thickness : 0.40 – 3.00 mm
Width : 500 – 1600 mm
Length : 500-3500 mm
Line Speed : Min 30 mtrs/min
Max 50 mtrs /min
Input Coil Wt : 30 M.T. Max
Output Packet : 5 M.T. (max)
Production Capacity : 5000 M.T. Per Month
Thickness : 0.60 – 2.50 mm
Width : 100 – 650 mm
Length : 650-3000 mm
Line Speed : Min 12.5 mtrs/min
Max 20 mtrs /min
Input Coil Wt : 30 M.T. Max
Output Packet : 5 M.T. (max)
Production Capacity : 2000 M.T. Per Month
Shearing Automatic Pneumatic Machine
Thickness : 0.40 – 4.00 mm
Width : 3100 mm
Length : 10 - 10000 mm
Line Speed : 16 cuts / min
Input Coil Wt : null
Output Packet : null
Production Capacity : 500 M.T. Per Month
Cut-to-length HR Machine (Proposed)
Thickness : 1.40 – 6.00 mm
Width : 700 – 1600 mm
Length : 500 - 6000 mm
Line Speed : Min 10 mtrs/min
Max 20 mtrs /min
Input Coil Wt : 30 M.T. Max
Output Packet : 5 M.T. (max)
Production Capacity : 5000 M.T. Per Month
Facility of Loop on each and every machine to ensure Material Flatness & Size accuracy

Overhead Cranes:

2 nos with Capacity : 35 M.T.
2 nos with Capacity : 10 M.T.

Other Accessories:

Transformer - 150 KVR Power
Transformer - 150 KVR Power
C-Hook for Lifting Coils
Flatness Table and 1 Hi Stacking
Power Staggering on Tuesday
Fully Covered & Dust Free Service Centre (Use of Air Curtains)
Separate Area for Finished Goods, Scrap & Raw material
Trained and Experienced Professionals
Packaging facility of coils and sheet bundles
Inhouse Weighing Bridge & Caliberated Measuring Units
Dedicated Trucks for JIT Delivery
Trained, well deployed staff & Machine Operators in a team support
Separate Area for Parking
Store Room
Canteen & Recreation Room
Rest Room for Workers
Enough space for movement of men & material and for Parking

Genset Details
At our Poonya Steel service center we have generator having capacity of 180 KW. We can run our entire plant on this generator. It is also Eco Friendly & does not cause any harmful effects on the environment.

ACE+ Certification
In the year 2011 we have scored 93% & have achieved TATA ACEPLUS 3 certification (audit conducted by SGS).
ACE / Level III Certification by Tata Steel

Steelium ACE is the Service Centre Programme by TATA Steel Limited for its distributors. World renown inspection agency SGS has been recruited by Tata Steel Ltd. to inspect, evaluate and improve the quality level of service centres across the country. Evaluation is done on the basis of globally recognized parameters for steel processing. Apart from the equipment and processes, operational environment and capability building parameters are also assessed. Evaluation Parameters are subject to change on yearly basis.

Level III is the highest level for more than 90 % score. We have been rated Level III since 3 consecutive years.

Safety Measure


Why Buy from Naresh Steel?:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • We promise ATM material
  • Reduction in inventory cost
  • Consistency of quality & supply
  • Customised processing of slitting, shearing & cut to length
  • Dedication
  • Concept to realization
  • Professional approach
  • Transparency in communication
  • We believe in relationships as lasting & strong as steel, Because at Naresh Steel, customer comes first
  • At NSIPL, we have made a commitment to:
  • Quality
  • Dedication
  • Perfection
  • You will find it all reflected in our STEEL